Love the pacifier clip


"Product information"

Name: love the pacifier clip

Product material: 100% food grade silica gel

Authentication: the FDA certification, LFGB certificate, does not contain BPA certification.

Packing specification: OPP bag


When you find your home baby start sucking, chew toys, by this time you can try to give the baby full silicone rubber, chew toys these can exercise gum, soft silicone material not only can well protect the baby's gums, can also exercises the baby hand grasping ability.

【 product features and benefits

1, this product USES food-grade silicone material, such as the FDA, BPA Free and safety certification, the mother buy felt relieved, baby in comfort!

2, soft silicone material, can massage the gums, relieve teething discomfort, help the baby healthy growth of baby teeth.

3, all kinds of candy color teeth that can exercise the baby visual chasing the ability!

4, help the baby to solve disorderly chew things bite finger habits, with the baby is very good for oral sensitive period.

"How to choose the teeth"

The teeth on the market is varied, can be roughly divided into three kinds: 1, plastic teeth 2, 3 water injection tooth gum, silica gel tooth gum

These three tooth gum heat degree and degree of hardness and softness than:

♣ plastic tooth gum: hard material, can use the hot water disinfection, cannot use water disinfection

♣ waterflood tooth gum: relative plastic tooth gum material softer, resistance to high temperature 40 degrees Celsius, can be cold

♣ tooth gel: silicone material is very soft, resistance to high temperature of 250 degrees Celsius, can be boiled or steam sterilization, baby massage gums to relieve teething discomfort, can be cold


Use with warm soapy water before and after cleaning or boiled disinfection clean, placed in ventilated dry in the shade after use.


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Love the pacifier clip